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Image: Helen Ward via Magpie Tales

It's always a sight at the trattorie
when wild city critters make a scene

crumbled cake, candelabras
chaos and weasels in starched collars

paper crowns, rumpled nightgowns
won't someone turn that racket down?

reptilian wait staff spin and slither
a tortoise brings breakfast in time for dinner

but there...
in the midst of all the clatter
a honey badger pot scrubber
for whom the noise doesn't matter

he keeps to himself, he doesn't care
doesn't give a whit about the whole affair

he sticks to his task, gets it done
then leaves the city moon for the country sun

Rene ~ April 28, 2013


  1. What an intriguing mix of revelers. Clever, Rene! I love the industrious little pot scrubber. (Likely my totem animal, hee hee)

  2. honey badgers got a right mind
    to realize the noisy aint his kind

    refuse to get caught up in alla fuss
    o' paper crowns, dont care bout us

  3. I'm going to fantasize he's coming home to me! You've created quite a character in the pot scrubber.

  4. This is so charming and vivid

  5. Love visualizing this scene. Made me smile.

    So glad you shared in Poetry Pantry.

  6. I particularly like the last couplet - the country sun is his reward for his labours.

  7. A graphic tale in tune with the picture. :)

  8. I enjoyed the tone of your poem. Beautiful artwork!

  9. Had to laugh at the honey badger doesn't care - reminds me of the video of the honey badger! Have you seen it? very funny video!

  10. A great party. Someone's always left with the washing-up.

  11. What a wise little honey badger he is !


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