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road notes

hands at 10 and 2
i am
the whole truth
so help me God
i swear
i own this road
this neck of the woods
this way
i'll prove it
sign it in chalk
and date it
tear it 
on the dashed line
keep one half
mail the other

this highway's not a ribbon
it's a zipper
your land
rolls into my land
golden sweet
delicious deep
let freedom ring
and clear as
the night 
eyes wild with
halogen soaked
promised land 
mountain songs
reach up
palm that star
the second from the right
it's no lie
let me ride

Rene~December 27, 2012
for d'verse "Meet The Bar"/Postmodern Experimental


  1. haha...some fun lines in this...keep one half, mail me the other...this road is a zipper...second star to the right..lets sail on til morning...

  2. "this highway's not a ribbon
    it is a zipper
    your land rolls
    into my land
    into freedom"


  3. Wow, I loved that but have no idea what you are saying. I read it three times. Great flow but still lost.

    The elation of being on the road that I have at night sometimes feels behind this. It sounds like it is hinting at some either philosophical or psychological insights, but maybe not. It may be a metaphor that I am missing but without more clues, I walk away thinking your are stone while you speed along highways - deluded that you own the land, are truth and can grab stars. Which, of course, is a great feeling! But maybe you intended more.

    The first three lines seemed like the classic bumper stickers back in the 1970's "God is Behind My Wheel" -- nowadays, evangelicals are more subtle, instead of "Honk if you Love Jesus", they put a fish hidden on the trunk.

    But when you said, "so help me God, i swear i own this road", it was unclear. Then it unravels into gorgeous bizarreness after that.


  4. I am a rock who dreams of flying

  5. I love the flow of your poem. It's very smooth.

  6. Loved this!! I like to write poems about being on the road too!! (Damn you, Kerouac!! Ahaha!!) :-)

  7. I love these:

    "i am
    the whole truth"

    "eyes wild with
    halogen soaked"

    "palm that star"

  8. Wonderful lines that create the sense of expectation and exploration on a spiritual journey. Thanks so much for joining us!

  9. ooh loved it from start to finish. brilliant journey, this. x


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