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Where I've been

where am I?
i am here
where the words
once in awhile
when they want to come out
and dance

god that's pathetic
I hate when i talk
like that
like i'm some mystical door
for shiny happy words
to traipse through

holding hands
singing corporate love songs
in perfect harmony
on the berm
behind the Wal-Mart
that's not the way
it is
that ain't the
real thing

Neil Young 
could sing that 
last stanza
that odd collection of words
how they would sway
rocking their little storied 

hearts out
and I'd twinkle
but alas
they'd be buried
on a horrible album
because Neil Young albums
are either wonderful
or horrible
and i own all those truths

where was i?
oh yeah
the words
where are they?
what a stupid question

they're in me
but they ain't coming out
until i let 'em
writing is a voluntary action
it's not like taking a crap
it sometimes produces crap
this too
shall pass

while driving through
the great state of Connecticut
i saw a man sitting in back
of a police car

on the side of the car
were the words
Liberty Village
and it made me wonder
was there a jail
in Liberty Village?
are the bars made of irony?

you there
you're still here?
god love ya, but
i think you're crazy
you deserve better
a more formidable
return on your
than this shit

spend your time well
time is worth
even though it's a thief
and a poet's whore

Rene ~ 2013


  1. are either wonderful
    or horrible
    and i own all those truths...nice...

    writing is a voluntary action
    not like a crap....nicer...haha...actually i howled at that

    write on. smiles.

  2. Whimsical and thooughtful! I loved it:)

  3. Whoever you are inside there, I loved this. Halfway through I laughed out loud, and marveled the rest of the way.

    You're a gem, loved it, Mosk

  4. Sometimes the words don't come, sometimes they need coaxing ~ But I like the thought of exercising them, ready or not ~

  5. yo i been here already but how could i miss the opp to say hi...smiles...

  6. and who shot Liberty Valance anyway? ;)

  7. This is like the Up With People singers after they've been slipped something and been out all night. I expect it did them good!

    You're right about Neil. Rickie Lee Jones is that way, too.


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