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who is your daddy?

tell me
who makes you
run for the border
than me

who makes
your whites
a whole lot whiter
your jump
a little higher

your cold
so much cooler
and your cream
so much smoother
go on and

look it up child
search high
dig down low
my face is all over
that SEO

say my name
you ain't had another
like me

say my name
you know couldn't last
a  single day
without me

Rene ~ February 2012

Photo credit: Bob Adelman, 1965


  1. Even without coupons...



  2. ha, pearl...

    nice, lok the sultry tone i heard this in...esp there in the end...smiles.

  3. But now, how about being kind to this Daddy, by turning off the double word verification- the two word gremlin that is the bane of a comment leavers life since Blogger foisted it upon us a couple of weeks ago?!

  4. Imagine: Low, soft, sultry voice. Marilyn Monroe like ......


  5. who makes
    your whites
    a whole lot whiter

    Isn't that Persil? Hehehe!

    1. Oh, and just for good measure - here's my easy instructions for turning that W V off to please the chap in the red hat!
      Come on! You can do it!!! Honestly, it really is extremely simple to do once you go to your ‘Dashboard’ (the word appears in the top right of your blog, next to your email address and the words ‘sign out’)

      So the sequence of mouse clicks goes like this:-

      • Click on Dashboard
      • Click on Settings (shows on one of the tabs along the top)
      • Click on Comments (shows as one of the words in a line below the row of tabs)
      • Scroll down the page until you see it says Show word Verification? There is a yes/no button choice – click No
      • Make sure you click the SAVE button at the bottom on the page

  6. This is sexy and sultry and fun. I love it! :)

  7. I had to let you know I went back and re-read it. Love it even more the second time. ;)

  8. Vineland-y and Postmodern-y all rolled up like a Taco Bell drive-through nightmare. All you need is a Little Caesars reference and your poem would pop pop pop like Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element :)

  9. Everybody needs a daddy. He is lucky it's you.

    Cleverly done, jaunty, a fun read.


  10. Lyrical cool...this one need some music!

  11. Very fun poem. Made me think of Andy Warhol and his thing with Campbell's Soup. (He was a sickly kid and his working single mom fed him that every day when he was sat home, sick.)

    Can I second the comment about those word verifications? Very often they just don't work and after taking time to leave comments that mean something I just have to give up. Grrrr.

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments! And I had the word verf turned off...don't know how or why it came back on!

  13. When you say these things to me, I totally believe them.

  14. It truly needs a singing. Saucy, pert and clever!


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