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little pebble
from a 
great big stone
makes a ripple
in a great big lake

it don't ask why 
or what's it for
it just goes
and does what it do

what's it to you
on Park Avenue
what's it to you
and your little dog too
well here's sumthin' new

it ain't for you
so move along now
that little splash'll do
what it is, now
that it's bound do

so mind the leather
wear your overshoes
just go on and do
what it is, now
that you're bound
to do

Rene ~ October 2011


  1. "what's it to you?
    on Park Avenue
    well here's sumthin' new
    and it ain't for you..."

    :-) Have you ever sat down with a guitar player, put melodies to your poems?


  2. get enough little stones together and we might rock that lake....

  3. I totally agree with Pearl. This is truly lyrical.

  4. and now I'll be searching or ducks all the live long day.

  5. @Pearl if only G-Love would take my calls...heh :)

  6. What a lovely and happy write that describes so well the season...bkm

  7. what's it to you and your little dog too made me smile. You are quite talented!

  8. Oh how I've missed reading your works... Love to be back and reading you~

  9. the picture is cute not to mention the good wordings for it. i thought those are buttered popcorns scattering on the lake... LOL!



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