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Goodbyes are hard. Especially when they have to be said to people and places where a body grows up, falls down, laughs, weeps and learns things.  Goodbye and Good Luck to the team at One Stop Poetry. Thank you for providing us all with a home for our little darlings, and for introducing us to so many great writers and artists. We will miss you.
I will miss you.


in the house
by the leaning tree
a candle in the window
beckons thee

her front porch casual
familiar style
an easy going friendly
stay a while smile

trace her railings
enter inside
she is warm, welcoming
and willing to provide

a soft creak
a whisper in your ear
"let me be your home
while you are here"

she’s missed heartbeats 
and deep breaths down her halls
the gentle urgent pleading
in a lover's call

she’ll give to you, your space
which you so desire
to dream to create 
her mysteries will inspire

curl up in her nooks
let her charms fascinate
look through her eyes

love her she’ll shelter you
from stormy blasts
cherish her; your future
wrapped in her past

"let me live once again
come dwell within me
the light in my window
burns for thee"

Peace - Rene 2009


  1. It's well over a hundred degrees outside and I have goosebumps.

    And maybe a little lump in my throat. I'm pretty touchy about good-byes, and this was SO poignant, Renee.


  2. yeah i got the lump too...deft and tender pen...thank you

  3. "will you give me shelter, shelter from the storm" Bob Dylan

    Great write.

  4. I enjoy reading your more traditional works. This one is beautiful. It's always good for me to look back and read what I wrote a couple of years previous. Always surprising... sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not.



  5. wonderful poem, i love the great sense of beckoning that flows throughout. i know the feeling of goodbye all too well, i said goodbye to one of my best friends in the world yesterday. i love how your use of rhyme too, it flowed so naturally! great stuff!


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