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a day for umbrellas

photo by Tess Kincaid
ruby throated hail
clove studding
necks, backs

soul swan songs
from the alien zone
every scream
a thundercloud pin drop 
every stumble
a wax winged smooth
death spiral strut smile
and wave before

the inevitable
scorched immaculate
splash down 
into a still rippling
reflecting pool
of all's well ends

Rene ~ July 2011


  1. Well, I'm not entirely sure what this mean but I love the sounds of the words and have some ideas. your writing is so refreshing, let me tell you, even when focused on harder subjects at times. It is reality.

    Rene, so glad you joining CT again this next time around. Thx for reading the guidelines. I updated them from your question to mention that of course you can a take a photo of your work as that is not the art piece itself. In fact this is what I always do. I don't have a scanner. Will it be more coloured pencils again?

  2. Mmm...I was inspired by the news of the death of Amy Winehouse. Given her lifestyle the news is hardly surprising but sad nonetheless.

    And regarding my contribution: I have no idea what I'll be doing! You'll be as surprised as I'll be!

    Hope all is well in the mountains :)

  3. it is so sad to see a life snuffed out so early...did she make some poor choices along the way...sure...but man....

    love the pairing of the thunderstorm with a pin prick...

  4. beautiful, Rene. i think your huge talent is coming out more and more.

    i hadn't heard about Amy Winehouse until i saw your post. very sad.


  5. alls well that ends

    I like that you didn;t use the cliche "well" at the end.

    things end...not gloriously.

    well done


  6. strut smile and wave before the inevitable... This tells most of the story, doesn't it? Despite the tragedy that prompted this piece, this line might be good advice for all of us.

  7. Amy's death is one of those events that touches the edge of my and everyone's consciousness: she was such a pure force of everyone's humanity that even if you have never knowingly heard her music you can relate to her life.

    I think you have captured this a little in you poem. having an umbrella is so frustrating, and yet without it - the world is almost unbearable (strike 'almost').

  8. vivid and powerful.

  9. Stopping in to read your poetry is always a much needed reflective moment in my day. Beautiful. And thank you.

    Yes, Amy was a lost girl who just couldn't stay.

  10. thank you for offering a momentary pause, hers was clad in beauty, covering the strife of the storm.

  11. This poem is like an elegant contradiction to me. It feels like a yin/yang.

  12. You really must be fully awake to experience rain like that.


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