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"Endeavor", Lino Tagliapietra, Columbus Museum of Art
Courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

glide through the eye
of a ruby kaleidoscope

sail from river to sky
gone in sixty seconds

greet the moon 
with a two bite amuse bouche

let star nectar drizzle down
the chin of  insatiability

mop the furrowed brow
of a crimson lipped sun

whisper sweet innuendos
to a lovelorn venus

twist the ear
of an asteriod punk

roam contentedly disconnected
til the swollen river tugs

pirouette earthward tousled
yet impeccably done

the eel wife

the eel wife dreams
of oceans and islands

of gods and goldeneyes
of frantic kisses

of an unending slew of lovers
and the taste of fresh coconut

Rene ~ June 2011


  1. One of my friends is going back to school to finish her degree in English, and she has a poetry class this fall. She doesn't read much poetry, so I recommended she check out Keats, Byron, Shakespeare, Whitman, Frost, and YOU. I desperately mean it. She should read you most.

  2. By "check out" I mean memorize. That's for you, Heather, if you're here.

  3. this pretty well rocks my face off rene...which is fairly gross...this was exquisite...a two bite amuse bouche, for sure...

  4. Such a rush of words and colours here, Rene. You DO rock, girl. Old Fred's got the right idea, too....!!

  5. Oh wow this is absolutely amazing! I loved it!

  6. Fantastic this eel wife...she is beautiful and gloriously alive here....bkm

  7. Oh, I want me some of that star nectar ... I'm going to let it drizzle down my chin, my chest, my tummy too! Your poetry is magic.

  8. super imaginative leaps and diction in this poem-- i like especially:

    let star nectar drizzle down
    the chin of insatiability

  9. Food and feeling. Taste. Touch. Memory. I read this and could not get the image of moonlit beaches aswarm with shoals of fish.

    There is hunger here, of more than just the desire for food.

    (P.S.: I won't take it personally, but my word veri for this was 'prick'. Hmm.)

  10. I am no poet just like to put my feelings down, but I could take lessons from you myself. Great job.

  11. Oh fer crying out loud Skippy :)

  12. Thank you all for such kind words and praise that I'm not sure I'm worthy have all made my entire day.

  13. lovely surreal images and passion. Drifting between meaning and fancy. Nicely done!

  14. Woven like a beautiful handicraft. So loved every word. Lovely!

  15. glide through the eye
    of a ruby kaleidoscope

    Yes, please! ♥

  16. "contentedly disconnected"

    kudos for being the one who teaches words to dance!

  17. The eel wife is a lot more romantic than most fishwives I've known.

  18. smiles...i remember this one...happy OLN

  19. Wonderful write. Perfect command of the language.


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