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simply francis

on every wing
a blessing
and a home
in the purity of the air

for every savage,
hungry wolf
forgiveness and a feast
fit for a lost soul
returned home

and to every brother
perfect and imperfect
a simple song of gratitude
for providing the means
in which to walk
the way of truth

Rene ~ May 2011
for Magpie Tales


  1. Rene, The first and last line both uplift. This piece is a gift.

  2. amen.

    now which verses of the hymn should we sing today...smiles.

  3. A trifecta of bright images, my favorite is the first, carrying the heart into the flight.

  4. This was lovely, I enjoyed your poem.

  5. Beautiful. Very touching, moving and inspiring. Such a smooth, real presentation. LIKED it!

  6. a religious poem which I can accept as poetic.
    I like this very much.

  7. I've joined your band of followers. it's that damned 'a few words about yourself' that's done it.

    Pathetic, I know.

  8. Oh yes! St Francis and I walk hand in hand. I appreciate your wise reference to his beatitude.

  9. Rene,
    Simply Francis is simply lovely.

  10. The way of truth is paved with stones and briars. They need love and compassion, too.

  11. I love that simple song of gratitude.

  12. loved the whole thing- perfect for the prompt

  13. Reads like a prayer - just lovely Renee.

  14. Dreaming Assisi,
    Gratitude in every song
    She has written truth

  15. Aww, Rene. :-) Such graceful -- and gracious -- peace in your words.


  16. Really enjoyed this piece. This reveals such a good attitude, in a fresh style.

  17. Heartwarming. Delightful little lift.

  18. A perfect poem for St. Francis. Well done, Renee. And thank you for stopping by too. Always a a pleasure. As it is, I left you a comment there. Do check it out when you have time. :)

  19. Giving blessings can't be bad...


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