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throw your hands in the ay-er

photo by Rene Foran ~ January 2011

twenty days til Spring
can ya dig it? 
if i didn't need my hat
i'd fling it
twenty days
'til darlin' buds
be springin' all up
 in neighborhoods
but keep your boots on
 baby get ready
 for floods
cuz mountains of snow
make puddles of mud

Rene ~ February 2011


  1. it is a total disaster here today, rain on ice on mud and snow. UGH.

  2. same here, Marian..dismal, moody, New England late winter...get out your pen, poets love this kinda crap :)

  3. I LOVE mud!

    "in Just-
    spring when the world is mud-
    lucious and the little lame balloon man whistles far and wee"

  4. Over here -- yoo-hoo! -- in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we raise our pinched, pale faces to the sun and cling desparately to the calendar. Tomorrow is March 1: surely winter can't hang on for too much longer?


  5. I loved and laughed here today. Wonderful. By the way, I live in Arizona. We are not facing the thaw-flood scene, but had unprecedented, extended cold that destroyed much of the landscape. We will be digging our way through spring.

  6. so throw ya hands in the ay-er
    wave em like you just don cay-er

    this has a fun beat to out for the mud...and cant spring get here sooner?

  7. All that water is going to make some super deluxe bursts of color this spring!!!

  8. Although the weather here is 60 degrees. I remember an ice storm in April. Our boots are still out.

  9. I'm wavin' mine like I just don't care...because, well, I just don't care :) (snort)

    Really, though, I am ready for spring, now and forever. Woot!


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