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green line
saturday afternoon
just me and a book
until he spoke

well over the legal limit
two fingers above
what would be considered
normal speaking volume

stranger on a train
no danger
just a conversation
make that a performance
make that a confession
just please... please listen to me

monologues of the lonely
verbal graffiti

Rene ~ February 2011


  1. Yes. Oh, yes.

    With you sister, from my bus seat over here...

    It's all anyone wants, isn't it? To be heard?


  2. I love that, verbal graffiti!

    it's so true, being heard is universal.

  3. I've just returned from three weeks on the road ... trains, busses, planes ... lots of verbal grafiti!

  4. They're always mistaking me for someone who gives a shit. Um, I meant, those poor people!

    I like the picture you found to go with.

  5. Thank everyone...Have a great weekend

    and yes, Fireblossom, I am magnet

  6. that lonely verbal graffiti...we all need someone to talk to at times...

  7. Oh yes, that is so well put. Love this one.

  8. Great.
    My brother is a cop with the T - the stories he tells...

  9. Talk about making EVERY word count. Brilliant. Nuff said!


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