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artifact ( it doesn't always end happily)

drinking coffee
from the mug
you left behind
though i choose to believe

in lieu of having 
there is the holding

Rene ~ 2013


  1. nice play on words...this could be read as either loss and missing or morning after hopefulness...either way i need more coffee...

  2. oh i love this! the idea of leaving something behind, so you must come back. or sounds like in this case, as a reminder or memento. who drinks from an american fisheries society annual meeting mug anyway?

  3. Very nice. :-)

    "In lieu of having, there is the holding".

    :-) Going to smile about that for a while.


  4. Brave. I'd have taken the mug to the Salvation Army donation center the day after he left!

  5. Have many times left coffee behind, never thought of it being intentional or by accident. Brings up a good question. Also, love the mug.

  6. Makes me think for certain. the3 warmth of holding. another poignant piece by you, Rene.

  7. And was it a conscious or unconscious decision?

    The ambiguity here is most appealing.

    Das ist gut.

  8. I wish there was something lest for to me for holding.

  9. There are lots of arrowhead collections around here. Some of the points are five thousand years old or more. I swear I can feel the spirits in them. And they are just people. Like us. Somehow still alive in the artifact.

  10. I enjoyed this little tale, it left me smiling:)


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