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with her fingertips
she crossed a line
through his godly myths
and they fell easily
crumbling into sand
for that display
he plucked out her ivory
a punishment
she surely would not stand

just renounce your faith
and this will all end!
he pleaded urgently
one by one
she spat out rubies

with angry arms
he gathered up
prepping her for sauté
she knelt down,
lit the fire,
and crawled in
you've no need to show me 
the way

Rene ~ February 2011


  1. And here I thought Apollonia was just Prince's gal!!

    I like this story, not just the way you've written it, which is masterful, really, but is it only me wondering if this woman was a saint, mentally ill, or both?!

    Still and all, she's impressive and I kind of admire her.


  2. hands down brilliant.

    happy birthday, Rene.

  3. its your birthday? happy bday!

    i enjoyed the piece...intriguing our reactions to people, their beliefs over time...our fear gets the best of us often

  4. this piece was inspired by Saint Apollonia...the patron saint of dentistry and toothache sufferers.

    I came across a short story about her the other morning and was both fascinated and horrified by her story.

  5. Did not know about her..glad you shared it...brutal people are throughout the ages....nice writing to introduce her for us that did not know her....bkm

  6. A big 'ouch' to the pain and dentistry parts ... 'bravo' for such a well done poem.

  7. jesus. reminded me of, what's that movie? "is it safe?" (what IS that movie?) but then, went way farther astray. yikes.
    happy birthday? happy birthday, love!

  8. Marathon Man w/ Dustin Hoffman that's the movie. Marian :)

  9. Wow! Especially when she "crawled in singing". THAT'S the spirit:)!!! My kinda gal!

  10. Wow, what an imaginative peace and the ending is "killer". Great writing!

  11. Hmmm, I could write a novel. Maybe I will. You always inspire.



  12. wonderful imagery, ivory and rubies, graphic, yet subtle. another fine poem.

  13. There's a patron saint for toothaches? I can see I need to head to wikipedia. A great many of the tales of the most commonplace saints are chilling and almost like tales of mental illness or exotic myth.But I enjoyed this poem without knowing anything about the woman, except the pain and struggle you portrayed so eloquently.

  14. I understand it. Scary, but I get it.

    She isn't the only one who can spit out rubies :)

  15. You command every move when you write.

    I was just wondering. Have you been the link on my Website of the Week button ever? I misplaced my list when I moved my desk to the living room this week, so I have no records. Anyway, you're up there this week. Just wanted to let you know.


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