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Anne Marie stretched 
across the back of the Oldsmobile
just talking with Karla and
sharing a Marlboro
Mike is a jerk
cuz he hasn't yet called her
two weeks at college
and he can't be bothered

Well you know
he can go climb a tree
cuz he ain't got the
to give the mother
of his child a shout

damn college boy
got it all
figured out.

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  1. are you sick of me telling you how wonderful you are?

  2. Rene, your talent is endless, thanks for sharing another great one with us all. :)

  3. he better get it in gear, that baby is gonna be here.

  4. Thanks guys :)

    this bit of writing was inspired by a bit of overheard conversation...


  5. Wow. Ouchhhhh. Feel the burn. Made me ashamed to be a college boy :)

    Masterful, my dear.

  6. much education is received without ever having to pay tuition...well at least not until they are older...

  7. That's pithy. The tree is too, but the poem really is.

  8. LUV the new colors, Rene! And I love that your inspiration is found wherever, whenever! Cool trunk!

  9. this is such a Rene post. It is so uniquely written, quirky and wodnerful. What more can I say? :)


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