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Water Textures

All images by Rene ~ 2010


  1. I could stand to dine on some tasty perch fillets.

  2. nice. like the one of the hand on the board...and bet that dog is having fun...

  3. Well done, doll! I like textures. I like fish, too, yum...

  4. I'm jealous. Love the water and fishing. Whole thing looks like a great time.

  5. I was 'oohing' and 'aahing' til i got to the fish gutting~ewwwww!!!

    Looked like it was a great day lake'n! See you soon! ;)

  6. I like the dogs and the cooking fire. But, for some reason, my favorite is the open shed door. I think it's the kerosene stove that grabs me. Yeah. I think I'm weird, too.


  7. I love the water trickling over the reflective stones in #5

  8. i see what you dig.
    i dig what you see.

    tanks fer sharon!

  9. love these. especially the beach towels!


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