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The destruction in Haiti is unimaginable, far worse than what is shown on television. We are spared hearing the constant moans and cries of those trapped underneath the rubble, the stench of the dead lining the streets, we can see but we cannot feel the anguish of a mother who has just identified the bodies of her four children.

All we can do is pray.

We have been taking up a collection for Haitian Relief at school. The students have been encouraged to bring in a donation, however small, to help out with the effort. I was touched when one of my little students brought in her piggybank. Without fanfare, and rather privately ( which is odd for a five year old ) she deposited the entire contents of it into the fund jar.

It was one of those moments that just made me smile inside and out.
Unfortunately she dropped her piggybank onto the floor and it broke into a million pieces.
There was no way to save it.

As I was cleaning it up I kind of got a little teary eyed.
How unfair after such a kind act!
I looked over at Ditya as I was sweeping up the pieces, I expected her to be upset but she wasn't.
She had this peaceful little gaze that gave me the goosebumps.
"Ditya, I'm sorry this happened" I consoled
"It's OK Mrs F, it's just a bank, my money is still going to Haiti."

And with that I just smiled.
Leaving her the last word to lead us all.

Peace ~ Rene

American Red Cross



  1. So spake the child...blessed she is :), as are we...

  2. We need little ones like that to bring in hope.

    She recognized that it didn't matter whether she brought the money in a pantyhose, it was going to Haiti.

    Bless her heart!

  3. You've done a wonderful job raising that child.

  4. Kids are amazing this way.
    Thanks for sharing - just checked out Jeff's post.

    (Like your new header) xo

  5. What a wonderful child! this made me smile!

  6. love it when kids tell it like it is...smiles.

  7. There are times when you forget that kids are better than adults.

  8. The wisdom of that little girl brought tears to my eyes.

  9. A beautiful, inspiring child.

    A heartwarming post, Rene.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sweet post, Rene.

    Children see with such clarity.


  11. What a beautiful child.

    She deserves someone to take up a collection to buy her another piggy bank. It will be a lesson for her that kindness can be received as well as given. And then she will have another bank from which to collect for the next worthy cause.

    It sounds like she has a very big heart.

  12. I like to be reminded about people like that in the world. Thank you!

  13. Oh how I wish I had more Dityas in my life. That girl is precious. Thank you for sharing that!

  14. Thank you, Rene! What a beautiful story and what a beautiful, unblemished heart Ditya has.

  15. Oh that is so lovely. she has a good attitude there.


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