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Happily Ever Amber

Late afternoon light
bathes her
As she sleeps
Her fingers
Under her cheek
She smiles
Of puppies
Or seashells
A joyful mystery
To me
I gaze for a minute
Or ten
I still see
A baby’s face
Be still
My baby
Be my baby still
This moment
 In Amber

Peace ~ Rene 2009


  1. My teenager still looks like a baby when he sleeps. I suspect most people do if you look closely enough. ;-)

  2. I was watching my son sleep last night. He's got some flu or something. As he slept, I realized I still see him as a toddler even though he's 6' 4" and weighs in about 275.

    Great post, Rene.

  3. It doesn't matter how old they get - we never stop being Mommy.

    Lovely, Mizz Rene...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  4. This is so beautiful. Amber is lovely.

  5. Be still
    My baby
    Be my baby still

    Somehow, in every one of your poems, you manage to throw in one little line (okay, three in this case) that just takes the whole thing to the next level.


  6. And you will cherish the moment forever.

    "Her fingers curled Shrimp-like under her cheek".
    i love that line.

    Amber, what a pretty name.
    Beautifully written, Rene.

  7. If you had Statcounter you could have seen that I have visited your blog over a thousand times but I still think its shit.

  8. Dear CBD...

    Well then you should feel right at home...Enjoy :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone
    I truly appreciate every last one of them

  10. My baby is 19. I was almost 40 when she was born. It wasn't a pleasent time.

    I am so glad to have her.

  11. You write with such love, Rene.


  12. The crap blog detective is here! LOL! It's amazing that he can type with his mouth so full of semin! hahaha! I love you crappy come back and visit me!

    Great poem, very peaceful tone!!!

  13. otin ~ does that mean I've arrived ?
    I mean really..what took so long?
    Unreal :)

  14. I wish your poems or posts from before would stay on the main page for sometime.

  15. Imagine having so little creativity that you would waste your time doing what he does? I never delete him because I like to always let a fool be seen!

  16. Ahh, the loveliness of children. Sweet.

    Thank you, btw, very much for promoting the tea. I cant wait to chat with you and hear your funny stories during it. Maybe you'd even be so kind to write a poem for the occasion? ;) Please!??? Hee. It would be so amazing, or maybe one after the shindig that i could share later on my blog.
    I will ahve to give you a shout out for promoting the tea too and will do so in good order. keep posted. Thanks again. Oh, and glad you commented on the Little House books--only one to mention that in fact.

  17. A sweetheart of a poem!
    To go with that sweet face of your Baby. Rene, she's grown up ;)

  18. i live in that moment each day as they grow...beautifully said...

  19. OMG!!! Has everyone seen those EYES!!??? She Gonna bee as devestating as her momma!!!

    Boys, we's in fer trouble...

  20. I still like watching my kids sleep, even though they're 25, 21 and 18. They look so young and innocent when they sleep.


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