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Jump In Aidan

Neptune had a daughter
her name was Marie 
she loved a boy named, Aidan born of fire was he

He danced 
along the shore
as she sang 
from the sea

Jump in Aidan
come dance with me
I'm just a lonely girl
in the great big sea

Dive into to my arms
sail away with me
Jump in Aidan
come dance with me

Now Aidan really longed
to into her dive
but one dance with Marie
he'd never survive

so tragically the offer
e had to decline
ut his passion for her
would never subside

Jump in Aidan
come dance with me
I'm just a lonely girl
in the great big sea

Dive into to my arms
sail away with me
Jump in Aidan
come dance with me

Come dance with me,Aidan
every night 
she does call
swim into me,lover 

Cry her waves 
as they fall
though theirs is a love
that will never be

It is 
as endless as 

Peace - Rene 2009


  1. I knew a girl like that; forever tempting me. You gotta watch out for some chicks. They can be trouble.

  2. Very nice, Rene. I really like this one :D


  3. you wrote this
    by at a bonfire
    with guitar in hand
    didn't you.

    and you probably
    let your fingers find the chords
    and your words simply fell together the very first time you sang this, penned this.

    poems, pictures, songs, stories...
    Rrrrrr-Rene Keychain!
    (inside joke. twss.)

  4. Chuck - It just doesn't haven't have the same ( key) ring to it...
    Like Chaka Khan- Chuck Keychain..

    Thanks for your comments everyone! But so far, at this writing, my technorati test pattern has received more! :)

    Peace - Rene

  5. My boy has that name. For the fiery red hair he had as a newborn.

    Well done.

  6. We're gonna need an acoustic guitar, a six-pack, and a bonfire, Rene.

    I so admire your way with words. Would love to hear you recite this...


  7. It makes me think of Poe's "Annabelle Lee," and, for some reason, of Dorothy Parker's "The Dark Girl's Rhyme."

    Good one!

  8. What a fun poem--just the sort of tone I needed this evening.

  9. I love to swim...
    I was told once I'd need a life jacket.
    Just made me desire to build my own vessel and hostage a Raven-haired Celtic Goddess and fulfill both our dreams by sailing her to Eirrean...


  10. I like this. It sounds like a song my mother would know--but I like that sing song quality about it.

  11. This is divine piece.
    love the delightful spirits...
    keep dancing...
    keep smiling!

  12. I like this. All it needs is music.

  13. This one is worthy of a song :) Thanks for linking with Potluck xx


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