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Inch By Inch ( Courage )

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage - Lao Tzu
Before Mary made her entrance into my life I thought I was a little courageous.
With Mary I have realized that I am a lot more courageous than I gave myself credit for.
Mary allows me to let my guard down and be myself.
I don't have to impress her because she knows me inside and out.
One of my biggest fears is public speaking. I am a trainwreck, partly because of my deep dark fear of failure and then there is... gasp...the NJ accent.
But for Mary, I will risk it all and speak in front of her class, because she has asked me to.
I will ask her pediatrician a zillion questions and never once worry about sounding stupid.
I will pose (mug) for picture upon picture with her not worrying about how I look.
I will post her choice of picture on my blog, no matter how much I crinkle my nose, because she feels it's the perfect choice.
The definition of courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain without fear.
But I like the obsolete definition of the word, which is, the heart as a source of emotion.
Deep love does indeed give you courage.
And that courageous kind of love can be found in the eyes of your loved ones, in a cause you are passionate about, in the face of a homeless person, in the suffering of those who die for freedom, in the oppressed who are starting to fight back, or in the words of your Savior.
Peace - Rene


  1. So sweet! Mary is a lucky girl to have a mom as cool as you.

  2. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

    For them (grandkids) I will get back on the ice (skating) even after falling hard on my hands and knees.

  3. "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the judgement that something else is more important than fear."

    I can't remember who said that, but it's one of my favorite quotes. And love is absolutely one of those things that's more important than fear.

  4. Aren't they wonderful creatures. No one who has children will appreciate just how much we give of ourselves and how much we get in return. There is nothing like the smile on a childs face when we do or say things that make them happy.

  5. I meant no one who does not have children

  6. Like this post. Mary is so lucky to have you...and the older she gets, she will also realize how blessed she is as well!

    Thank you so much for participating again this week! :)

  7. beautiful, Rene!

    you're right...
    they help us
    replace fear and inaction
    with something higher, something important.

    "teach your parents well..."

    lovely writing and photograph~

  8. these themes really make us think, don't your definition of courage, so true

  9. Waow ! Quels yeus d'un bleu magnifique ! Bluetiful !...8:)

  10. Children have such PURE taste, pretty picture,

  11. Rene, again, a very thoughtful, insightful, well written post. I love what you say here about courage and even to the point to talking int front of a class with NJ accent (LOL) or showing mug shots for the whole world to see.

    BTW, your daughter looks a lot like you as a girl from your swing pic. I think she too could be a a relative of Hugh Grant, looks wise. It's the eyes.

    Lfun and spunk/lovely picture.

  12. it's nice to know you've found the courage or that courage (Mary) had found you, what a sweet tribute

  13. Love can make us do things we never thought we could. I'm glad your daughter gave you courage. Lovely tribute!

  14. Awww this is very sweet! Cute picture!

  15. Thank you all for your comments.
    I am lucky to have Mary in my life.

    and Jammie that was Mary on the swing but I did look a lot like her as a kid...I should put up some of my own childhood pictures, though.

    Peace - Rene

  16. Awww, so sweet :) And this:


    hysterical :)


  17. wonderful sentiment that you've written here. some of the biggest joys in life are having the courage to do for others. good for you and lucky mary!

  18. just when you think you dont have the courage to do something and then the one you love most asks for your help, and all that "not so sure feeling" goes away. :). I love this picture of you two.

  19. Your daughter has gorgeous eyes, Rene. Amazing what having, and loving, a child does for us, isn't it?

  20. Aww, yes its the best feeling in the world. Lovely post and excllent take on this week's Inch by Inch theme too. You look so much alike. And Mary does have amazing eyes!

  21. I love your expressions! The art, the pics, the words. And how true it is that our love gives us courage and strength. What lessons to teach our young ones. Thanks for sharing.


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