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Hi, I'm Rene
Welcome to Not The Rockefellers!
Pull up a chair and put your feet up.
Watch as I fearlessly and freely liberate my thoughts through writing. 
This will either be the start of something great or the death of me. 
Whichever comes first.

Who are you, Rene?

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, an auntie, a sister and hopefully a good friend.
I am extraordinarily average.
My bucket list can be done over a long weekend.
I am a NJ native now living in NH.
My accent clearly gives away the fact that I'm "not from around h'yeah"
I am a bit of a late bloomer to the world of blogging and writing.
I'd like to say this blog is all about finding myself and strengthening my confidence through writing.
But that would be a load of crap.

So what's going on here?

What's really going on is, me, sitting still for a moment, just trying to string some coherent thoughts together instead of blurting out some random hilarious nonsense... to cover up for the fact that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about...or what you're talking about. 
Mostly what you're talking about.
I am also way more smarter when I have time to think about what I am saying...

How did you get started?

I just opened a blogger account one day and started messing around.
It was fun because I really had no expectations other than to just play around with writing and learn how to become somewhat computer literate.
I fully intended to give it up in two weeks as I normally do when things become less shiny.
So I just wrote, for the fun of it...and I kept coming back to write some more.
This is a link to my first post EVER... Returning Fear's Gift
and for all of you late bloomers out on this

So are you some kind of a writer?

Do you think so? 
I don't know.
What I do is called writing but I could never call myself a writer in anything other than a whisper- though I do suffer from delusions of grandeur stemming from having a poem published in Jack and Jill magazine when I was seven.

I'm just a gal who writes.
I just do.
It's how I play.

What kind of writing can I expect to find on Not The Rockefellers?

Painless poetry for short attention spans.
Honestly, I never thought I'd end up writing poetry.
I suffered through it in school and there aren't very many poems out there that I can say I totally understand.
But here I am. Life is crazy, no?
I'm learning to appreciate art in the written form.

I try to write in a simple, lyrical, clear way without sacrificing the beauty of the thought or scene that I'm creating.
That is why you may end up singing some of my poetry.
Because time is important for many of us, I try to keep my poems "fun sized" and packed with a punch.
Some poems are snapshots of my life and the things that I know, and some poems venture off into places that I'd like to know.
Everything I write here at Not The Rockefellers is 100% me and 100% real.
As I am still growing and learning as a poet, I'd appreciate any constructive feedback.
Just keep it professional and snark free.
Nice matters around here.
And snark is just rudeness in rhumba panties.

What do you plan to achieve here on Not The Rockefellers?

My greatest hope is that I inspire someone to start writing openly, freely and fearlessly.
My second greatest hope is to say that from a parade float, wearing a tiara and waving tearfully to my adoring public while my waterproof mascara remains firmly in place.

By the way, what is with that name Not The Rockefellers?

Not The Rockefellers is something we say around here when someone, usually me, is being a little too extravagant.
Like the time I dared to throw brand name toilet paper in the shopping cart rather than store brand. Whoah there, Missy...We're not the Rockefellers.
I don't know how it ties in with anything around here.
It just popped into my head when I was setting this whole thing up.
Maybe because I sometimes feel like I have no business doing this.
No that's not true...that's  just some humble b.s. ...


"The childish scrawlings of a Mariah Carey/Jewel wannabee" ~ Anonymous

" Pure Shit" ~ The Crap Blog Detective

"I loved the last stanza because it was almost over" ~ Hinckey Bleck

Warnings and other important stuff

The subject matter of my writing varies.
It is unfiltered so...
one day it may be "family friendly" and the next day not so much, please keep that in mind if you are easily offended by occasional mature audience language.
Because of my limited computer time and bank account I do not participate in:
tags, awards, memes, voting, give-aways, comment clubs, bank heists, drunken tattoo organizations and the bailing out of anyone, anywhere at anytime via wire transfer.
I love you all but...
I do this to relax.
This my great escape tunnel, carved out one spoonful at a time.
Unless specified otherwise all images and writing is the property of Rene Foran of Not The Rockefellers.

Enjoy yourself
This is wonderfully nothing to worry about
Nothing at all...

Peace ~ Rene

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