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trouble overhead
something weighing  heavy  on the mind
i rise obedient under a vengeful brow pulling up my heels
Raising my voice!
i go
to my roots wielding my habits of comfort
i walk the way of my mother singing psalms soothing the sky
Rene~ June 2013 For Magpie Tales

For all of my sisters

the waiting place

He flicked a cigarette ash into a Starbucks cup and looked up into the approximate area he believed I would understand to be my eyes. I didn't get to say everything, he rasped.No one does, I said,but If you did get the opportunity how would you punctuate that last breath of yours?My cup's on fire, dude. Oh. Are you trying to be profound? No, it was really on fire there for a second, but now it's out. I watched it happen.
Rene ~ 2013


It's just a rinse,
It's gonna fade out.  She either laughed, or cleared her throat  twisting her hair  up  and into a messy pigtail It'll look better
Above her eyes  a drawbridge opens She looked down
at her toes astronauts every little crack
every little step one leap closer


There is a groove (a ditch more precisely) in my well-loved sofa cushion I slide my foot into it and it fits perfectly every time  I smile, spine unfurling, at my shabby, secret joy, singing
"Now don't that beat the hell  out of Cinderella's slipper!"
Rene ~ June 2013
Ahhh...Summer Grab a mini vacation  Whenever you can
Hope you are all well :)

the baker's daughter

the artsy girl
down the hall can't tell you much about her  but what she knew  about me
could fill at least a thousand ears
kept birthday candles
in a jar
by her door she'd light one
whenever I'd come around then she'd spit
on her burnt fingers, cussin'
yeah, well that's enough outta me

"Tell me what
you are by what you wish for,
bear claw, Are you
the icing or
the cake?"

Rene~June 11, 2013
*I've turned my comment section off for the summer, as I won't have much time to respond.
 As always you can contact me by e-mail and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.
Enjoy your summer (or whatever season it may be in your corner of the world) and take care~


dawn is a feelingwarmth that spreads from shoulder to cheek
freedom means boundaries landmarks of habit indicators of progress 
voices are familiar songs  each new generation produces its convincing covers
life is smelly but you'll always know you are home

Rene ~ June 2, 2013
For Randy Pierce and The Mighty Quinn