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( self portrait - Francis Bacon )
all that we really want (and fervently wish for )
is for eyes that see ourselves  as bright  and worthy
of a loving gaze back from the stars


The Ice Cutters,1911,Natalia Goncharova
dial me up 
 warm me with stories 
spoken  red hot
 in your mother tongue
every word
 a pearl
 a flight path
  strung out
  and held over
 flickers of desire
i close my eyes 
slowly melting  sinking into your words 
i let go
 then glide
© 2013-Rene

mine, mine, mine

Photo from The Guardian, Eyewitness 
c'mon, you know it's
funny how I always said  you were for the birds


before you slumber
you count your treasures
i cling to your breath  as you say your prayers fervently you list your gods and lovers i live for that day  when you say my name
image via Magpie Tales