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mona lisa xanadu

from where you stand
look me in the eye
watch my smile
twitch and lift
your heart 
you saw it, didn't you?
you should know me
there's nothing up my sleeve
you're inventing the magic
the mistress
the pregnant virgin
the ill maiden
the lover's apprentice
the artist
just believe
what you see and
whatever you say
i am, as i've always been
in your mind,for you

Rene Foran ~ March 2011
for Magpie Tales


no one ever asked me why
not that i'd tell them
but you would think
along with all of the curiosity
there'd be a need for definitive answers
it's not everyday
you run into a woman
covered in mud

like it or not
there I am
in the coffee shop
at the crosswalk
in the last pew on the left
with you always
watching you all wonder
as you go along your way

where does the fault lie?
when did the dam break?
i'm reinvented by main street
every single day
some touch on the truth
some make me giggle into my soup
and my crackers

some give me money
which, while i am thankful,
i do not need
some talk with me
oh so politely
like all of this is perfectly normal
as i awkwardly avalanche
down the front of my coat

i give them the show
shuffling off singing
where oh where
does the fault lie?
only the river
the river knows why
only the river
your lover and i

Rene ~ May 2012 ~ The Mag