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she, the practical godmother of re purposed filled lives did so, not out of
fad or fashion
or deep cosmic guilt

but rather frugality
borne out of
horse drawn necessity

with Alma
one was never allowed
to simply "be"

a spoon could not
just stir
a kettle had to do more than
just boil

one trick extravagances
had no business
in her business

for Alma
"just doing your bit"
was an unforgivable sin
and a grotesque waste
of limitless talent

she eschewed
the flock trotted superhighway
and blazed her own way
in inventive fashion
the future sewn and soldered  formed from  whatever she had on hand waiting to be reborn and twisted  drifting from the past

Rene ~ July 2013


whoever can speak without disturbing the peace  whoever can walk without stirring the past  whoever can listen without divining wisdom whoever can love without embracing scars whoever can think without considering the future cannot ever truly  entirely be
Rene ~ July 2013

friday lunch riff

you gonna
eat that?
the rest of  that stuff you gonna  leave that? on your plate you gonna  wrap it up? take it home  'n stick it in the fridge you gonna  eat that? or  give it to me?

Rene ~ July 2013 a little Friday fun Have a great weekend everyone 

the daily

sit down...
yes, you...

do that... sit down

you're gonna write sumthin'... no jokin' hoboken

this is happening... stop with the candy crush

you've been stuck for a month

on level 65

five year olds laugh and point

so just cut the crap and write...

about what? write about what you know...

what the hell do
I know?

you know
about ants...

little bastards! ants found my candy stash
"they came in  through the window
dove in my trash crawled over my table
like miniature trucks  then chewed up my sunflowers
heartless little fucks always runnin' somewhere
busy little freaks can't wait til they go under
in a few more weeks"
I wrote something 

yeah. you did...

what'dya think of it?


Just good?


I don't make mountains out of anthills...


my love runs on banana peels and deadlines  scribbled on toasted origami matchbooks  then tossed  in a junk drawer until crunchy
it's an acquired taste
Rene ~ July 2013


image: Andrew Wyeth ( via Magpie Tales)

before we became
slayers of giants  conquerors  of brave, new worlds
we were frozen trapped,  inside blocks  of Carrara 
wanting willing to risk everything for a chance
the right to be higher,  mightier, divine free
Rene~July 2013


not feelingso  much 
of a  muchness anymore
I can't  fake the connections
I won't have the  discussions
my  thoughts outdated 
my  words a dead language 
rabidly  stabbing at  tabloid typos
am i losing  you?
writing with red ink 
on the arms of my t-shirt
buy  the milk or pay the rent
 Rene ~ 2013


this fire
a cradle
under a waning moon

for rockets  pulled from the earth
and kissed Midas gold

by smitten Gods,
peasants and spangled stars this fire

ritual fuel for
cowboy sunrise revolutions

Rene ~ July 2013

good shoes

the day i found my ways
i caught myself in a tangle tightly twined  around
a forkful of  spaghetti from a can't  just pullin' the wool  over easy under the radar
love, life, and my pursuits; a hapless sock thread
ensnared by a tack
on the threshold  unwinding, revealing
a novice habit trail from door to table, to chair, to bed just livin' but barely
breaking a sweat  smokin' a bowl of dead ends Is that all there is? Peggy Lee, blinked
lookin' for  high bars in low places forcin' a smile,

her eyes
ordered a double
some things
are better left unsaid but winked at?...hell yeah
I caught your act, you charlatan  I say, strippin' off my socks  I know your ways
You ought to play  out in the mud in your good shoes  maybe, someday Finally

Rene~July 2013
For 100 Word Song
The song prompt was Patti Smith's "People Have The Power."
Love her and I have always felt a kinship with her lyrics
This is my somewhat personal, disconnected take on her clas…

lady la la liberty

I look at that moon
like it's another quarter
slipped in  the smiling notch of  my bank book
i can hardly lift  all that hope i make gravy wells in clouds for all my crazy dreams
but my champagne heart has beggar's  arrhythmia and i stubbed my toe  on a horny back toad
how them golden slippers ever gonna fit me, now  go an' howl down a mongrel rainstorm up that yellow brick road 
Rene ~ July 2013 For Magpie Tales