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here is where the scenery fades
the fabric falls away
the adornments drop, unclasped
the paint runs down the sink

here is where real life
drowns out the music
upstages the acting
thunders over the applause

here is where the pretending stops
where the lighting 
dares you to get comfortable
and the kidgloves come off

here is a safe place
for revealing scars
smoothing calluses
and mending hearts and fences

where is this place? this "here"?
where can there be such freedom in knowing?
this is your house
dwell in it richly

Rene ~ 2010
Wishes for a happy and safe New Year to you all!

the gift of light

let not your light be still
wake the neighbors,
place a song of Hope
on their tongues
and an everlasting crown
of Joy upon their heads
let your heart become
a mirror, reflecting Love
outward; a beacon 
without limit
lastly, see to it that
the pantry baskets 
spill over, always,
with the fruit of truth,
the gift of Peace.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
Rene ~ 2010

a confession

When I was little I didn't care much for Sundays.
Nothing much on Sunday mornings cartoon-wise, aside from Davey and Goliath...
 which was a little too preachy and lacked the slapstick, pie-in-the-face humor this kid required of her animated entertainment.

Sunday also meant that I had to get dressed up and go to church.
I was a fidgety kid who was constantly feeding my nerves and touching everything, so sitting still in a hard wooden pew listening to a man who looked he could be God's Uncle Bob was torture.

I never paid much attention to Father as he said Mass.
My wild imagination wandered elsewhere.
Hats, hairstyles, the way Mr. Davis kept blessing himself 
and the way Mrs. Mangiotti's feet looked like hams stuffed into her strappy shoes.

I wandered off in the details of the stained glass windows.
Each beautifully colored window honored a saint, and at first glance it looked like a truly marvelous, gold crowned, red robed kinda life.
Looking closer, each saint was either in some sta…

beacon hill, late sunday afternoon

flexible flyers

broad shoulders
leaning up against
the barn, come hither
i heard you cry save me, baby frozen in motion

honey colored rugged
thrill ride screaming eagle inked
i know we'd fit
ride me, baby
i saw us fly
we hit the sky thrusting wings forward
no speed limit take me, baby let freedom glide
Rene ~ 2010
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silent bright

i did believe
you had stopped
still i kept on
not about you,
or me
or us
but of things
rather than in between

i spoke of citrus
pine boughs  and
foot prints
in virgin snow
you fed a chickadee
out of the palm of your hand
pin dropping-ly speechless
i broke from singing 
unending songs of glory
and watched
in admiration
a dance of joy,
wonder, pure evident

Rene ~ 2010

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why should we save all of our fallen stars for rainy days?

snuggle on up, baby
it's a snow day
dance in your pajamas
put the suit away

i'll make ya pancakes, hottie
you can pour the tea
we'll use the china
grandma left to me

let's listen to Marvin, sweetheart
follow his advice
let's clear the table, honey
let's do it twice

three cheers for our snow day, darlin'
let's not waste a flake
tomorrow's a melting promise
not likely to break

Rene ~ December 2010

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