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You're Ice and I'm Salt

hey! my friend let me get inside of your head
it's kinda lonely out here and talking to myself is a little weird
hey, hey! my friend yes i do believe we've met
and i know your tickle spots so really please unlock and let me in
hey, hey, hey! my friend i get the hint i'll go away
but i  really don't want to cuz it's my hobby melting you until you spill
i say...
hey, hey, hey, hey! my friend what's that you're doing with your face?
it's cracking up all over the place i think at last i've gotten to you
now your mouth is opening too and it's so cool for me... to finally see you
smile again my friend
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Rene ~ 2013

And then the girl in the pink sundress said,

I swear when that big beautiful sun came out...
I simply swooned!
Ohh, I just stared at it, with my eyes wide open...
like I was lookin' at some ol' ghost of a Saturday night seashore memory
I shrugged off my sweater,
tilted my head and whispered to the sky...
Are you for real?
And will you stay for a while and sit by my side?"

Peace ~ Rene

You always make me never forget

i'm looking in the rearview and all i see are your baby shoes keeping time with the radio i don't realize this at the time but i will remember this always
you are sitting with me on the front stoop waiting for daddy we are blowing soap bubbles "big enough to catch a fat bluebird" i can't get over how much this still makes me laugh always
while i watched my world collapse, sobbing one September morning you brought me some toys and instructed me to "play" pressing your face to my face while patting my back you didn't realize this but by taking care of me the way that I take care of you made me so proud of you i remain so...always
i'm looking in the rearview and now i see  a bright, young girl who looks a lot like me your tennis shoes keep time with whatever's on your ipod i convince myself that i can still see your baby face always.
For Mary
Peace ~ Rene