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who is your daddy?

tell me
who makes you
run for the border
than me

who makes
your whites
a whole lot whiter
your jump
a little higher

your cold
so much cooler
and your cream
so much smoother
go on and

look it up child
search high
dig down low
my face is all over
that SEO

say my name
you ain't had another
like me

say my name
you know couldn't last
a  single day
without me

Rene ~ February 2012

Photo credit: Bob Adelman, 1965

Mojave Telephone

ringing in the ears
has mined itself
into my brain

driving me
hell batty
speeding blindly

long distances
with obsessive

to a desert cave
where a way
was made

in the wasteland
near a river,
an answer

i am the receiver
the sole confessor
to them

the many
desolate thirsty
waterlogged anonymous

Rene ~ February 2012

For Magpie Tales

stained midnight

you knew the light
bent it in your favour
& leapt gracefully
across hearts

cheeks and shoulders
rouged chromatic

the dark
had no claim
over your lonely
clumsy soul

Rene ~ February 2012

bittersweet graffiti

My first thought at seeing this weeks Magpie photo prompt (below) was
"There's always room for Jell-O".
I then read the sentence under the photo....
"a grave in the Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow"
No room for Jell-O there.
As sweet and non-filling as it is...

you can't take it with you
that's a bone hard fact
but you certainly
can leave
a little something for dessert behind...
a gift to the world
a memento
a trinket or two of your time spent
here on this rock.

what would you leave
your jewels
your words
your mother's eyes
your father's voice
what would you give
to a world that held you

a deep fear of mine
is leaving
you alone
worse than that
is you
leaving me
before your time

Ahhh life.
How's it going so far?

Like my friend Braja reminds me
Don't forget to laugh

Rene ~ February 2012
For Magpie Tales