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sound logic

they say 
hear it first

the low, 
exhale of danger

and the devil 

you better
under your bed


  1. Ah, I they 'they' are right. Animals have an innate sense of danger, I think.

  2. you better
    under your this finish, I agree with Mary, re-animals sense of danger.

  3. I like your title! Would that our logic were as sound as the animals!

  4. I know for sure that there are monsters under my bed.

  5. I know my dog felt the earthquake before I did years for under my bed, there are dust devils there of humungous size!

  6. I still check it w/ the grandchildren :)

  7. This is why so many wild creatures are in distress - whales, lions, elephants, wolves, bears......smaller creatures. They are already feeling what humans are too slow to recognize.

  8. nope no monsters in our house. But animals know danger before it happens. 115 minutes before an earthquake struck here, my cat began acting strange and the birds outside and all other creatures were silent - as if by their silence they could hide.

  9. ...I haven't checked under the bed for years! If there is anybody there I am sure they are happy I don't disturb them.

  10. So, we are safer living with animals ... and developing our animal sense.

  11. I think this is a perfectly crafted poem, brilliantly saying much in few words. I particularly love the second verse, of course.


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