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i can’t
catch up with
the breakneck blur
of the birds
in the backwoods


  1. I love the whole idea of those birds.

    1. They're at it in my backyard as I type this!


  2. Birds are such marvels of nature. Loved your words!

  3. I don't understand how this fits today's motif. Explain? (And yet, I am happy for seeing the birds.)

    1. Drowning in a sea of birds. It may be stretch. I can remove the link if you'd like.

    2. No, please don't remove it. Thanks for explaining with such grace.

  4. Like the expression breakneck blur

  5. I can see the waves of birds flowing over the trees as if all are connected.

  6. A group of birds can be a magnificent sight....beautifully done Rene! So wonderful to see you...feels like it has been a long time....I do miss Magpie Tales...I am hoping it will someday return.

  7. We will never keep up with the birds.

  8. I love birds - all of them, even the vultures and raptors. Excellent poem.


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