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beyond our homes
and our kith
& our kin

beyond ourselves
and our teeth
& our skin

beyond our eyes
and our hearts
& our hands

mountains rise
beyond our words
& our plans

mountains beyond mountains


  1. Our legacy as humans on this earth goes back so far and we are each connected back to those ancestors....that connection brings us together more than should tear us apart.

  2. A deep meaningful poem, by this I feel the connection to mother earth through you words. A piece of poetry I'd like to revisit.

  3. You build this foundation for all of us. Nicely formed poem.

  4. Reminds me how small we all are compared to the earth's wonders.

  5. Beautifully done, Rene. Lovely to see you in the Pantry!

  6. A connection to our legacy of ancestors and the earth. Nice.

  7. And always there are mountains beyond mountains and oceans beyond oceans. An excellent write.

  8. I love mountains! May they last forever (whatever else is lost).

  9. I love the wisdom and perspective here.

  10. mountains rise
    beyond our words
    & our plans

    One can never anticipate the strengths of other elements against our expectations. Very true Rene!



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