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damn fine writing

i want to feel it

the ink on your pen


rough thoughts

on smooth surfaces

i want to smell it

where your mind has been

the brew

of conquest 

and raging desire

i want to see it

what you’ve made of

your world

bleeding out

from every damn word

i want to taste it

what that
kiss was like

and how
 you felt

when it wasn’t yours

i want to hear it

the clash of swords 

the war

hard fought

the territory won

Rene ~ 2013


  1. let me experience what you have, when you put pen to paper....make me feel it, smell it....and want to escape or roll in it...smiles.

  2. :-) Big smiles to you, Rene. THIS is the reason I read.


  3. It is a war getting words on a page, a battle won line by line. Love this.

  4. Really digging this.

    The third verse is just so good.

  5. i want to taste it

    what that
    kiss was like

    and how
 you felt

    when it wasn’t yours

    This stanza just really speaks to me!

  6. A sensual extravaganza of want and need and relationship. Clever, Rene!!!

  7. I really love this ~ how the mind leaks thoughts and creations ~ thank you.

  8. Enjoyed the feel of this..what every write should do..make you feel, taste, hear and experience and share the pain, joy, conquests..well done

  9. Excellent! This really excited me! Let me be you for a moment!


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