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good shoes

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the day i found my ways
i caught myself
in a tangle
tightly twined 

a forkful of 
spaghetti from a can't 
just pullin' the wool 
over easy
under the radar

love, life, and my pursuits;
a hapless sock thread
ensnared by a tack
on the threshold 
unwinding, revealing

a novice habit trail
from door
to table, to chair, to bed
just livin'
but barely

breaking a sweat 
a bowl of dead ends
Is that all there is?
Peggy Lee, blinked

lookin' for 
high bars
in low places
forcin' a smile,

her eyes
ordered a double
some things
are better left unsaid
but winked at?...hell yeah

I caught your act,
you charlatan 
I say, strippin' off
my socks 
I know your ways

You ought to play 
out in the mud
in your good shoes 
maybe, someday

Rene~July 2013

For 100 Word Song
The song prompt was Patti Smith's "People Have The Power."
Love her and I have always felt a kinship with her lyrics
This is my somewhat personal, disconnected take on her classic.
I'm way over 100 words...

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