The Fifty Cent Tour

Thursday, March 7, 2013

fart like no one is smelling

the morning ritual
hugging a strong half full coffee cup like
a golden prodigal newborn
right now at the ranch
there's nothing more

television cat calls
live nude chicken dancing politicians
slipping on banana peels
more at eleven
nobody waits

i pack a half sandwich
celebrity second world tips and tricks
happiness is losing weight
ice cream slut shaming
look out for drones

Rene ~ March 7, 2013


  1. live nude chicken dancing politicians

    no body waits because that is news as usual....glad to see someone else mention the drones as well...that is scary business...

  2. Love the nude chicken too...drones and ice cream...I will take the ice cream...bkm

  3. Loved the honesty and the imagery of this. Well done. Loved the title too.

  4. How aptly you illustrate the morning news circus. I rarely turn it on to avoid the three rings.

  5. A social political satire with all the fun

  6. Very nicely done. Absurd imagery that isn't so absurd after all.

  7. Why do some people announce it when they let one rip? In a group of people, nobody's gonna know for sure it was you--so why not just take your chances with an angelic look on your face? (Unless they know YOU'RE the one who had the bean burrito.)

  8. Quick and snappy pace. You're right, if it wsn't good at six, nobody will watch at 11. News has become too much hot air, and maybe the tie in to your title. Nice advice. Excellente

  9. Yikes - it all sounds pretty awful. I do not have a TV! k.


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