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Friday, February 8, 2013

re: the job posting for a valentine

let me
into your world
to colour by number
the hills and valleys

let me
spill mountains
of stars and gold dust sighs
across your threshold

let me
kneel before
your spices, your perfumes
and holy chrisms

let me 
stitch my way
gold, through your wild heaven's
succulent labyrinth 

and I
will be all
your sun
your moon
your rain

Rene ~ February 8, 2013


  1. the colour by number..its playful...and the string in the maze....very cool love poem rene

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  3. Let me try this again! :-) My favorite line is, "Let me be the thread in your dear, wild heaven's eternal maze." Brilliant! So glad I popped over here from the Write on Edge linkup. In honor of National Poetry Month (April), I'm posting original poetry on my blog. Would you be interested in submitting a piece? I'd love to introduce my readers to your work! Here is the link:


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