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Saturday, February 23, 2013


the world stops and stares
the sound of your voice
a lake of pin drops
freeze and thaw mid-air
I can't hear you now
but down come the rain
I can hear you then
I will know your name

Rene ~ February 23, 2013

Some scrawling on a Saturday morning
40 words 40 syllables


  1. i hear you in the rain...intriguing...especially with the title...evocative rene...

  2. It's funny some see this as a love poem and some see it as something darker and I dig that

  3. Lovely transition from ice droplets to rain droplets.

  4. "a lake of pin drops" spoke to's a metaphor for those sounds, voices, ideas, and moments we're too busy or too arrogant to pay attention to

    or whatever...great 40


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