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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seward's folly

something in your eyes
reminds me of Alaska
Sitka spruce green
dream scraped
midnight sun

i would crawl
hands and knees
sparking Tsar-fire
over the last edge
of your earth
to draw breath of you

i would forsake
my golden gods
drop my armour, heavy
into the hearth
of dear mother
for a single drink of you

something in your eyes
my soul pines for Alaska
to count the moons
on your fingers
weathered perfect
my thoughts linger

Rene ~ January 22, 2013

for d'Verse Poets: Open Link Night #80


  1. dang...what longing...ready to strip away the armor and fling yourself headlong....and i love you see alaska in them...i would love to visit there piece rene

    1. If I told you how this poem came about and what inspired it you wouldn't believe me...and you'd have a good laugh :)

  2. A fascinating and unique write. Would never think about seeing Alaska in someone's eyes. Oh, well, perhaps at this time of year...Brrrrh.

    I love 'Sitka spruce green longings' as I can vividly picture this. And the last stanza really sings.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I am glad you enjoyed it! I love that line as well.

  3. There is such an an attraction for the cold of Alaska. There's a mystic unknown around it that enhances the feel! Nicely Rene!


  4. Alaska is a good visit. Maybe it was symbolic of wilderness beauty and virgin landscape. That too I like and long for, but Alaska can be a wicked deadly place to live. The farther north we go, the shorter the days in winter. i really liked this, however you intended. It had great melody, word choice, line work, and the voice was refreshing.

  5. Beautiful. I loved my trip to Alaska a few a years ago. It was such a gorgeous place.
    Happy New Year, jj

  6. my soul pines for....


  7. I LOVE those two opening lines. Wish I had written them.

  8. this piece flows so beautifully. The use of "pines" is so subtle and carefully wrought. Great read, thank you.

  9. I love the way you bring back the word pines at the end again... beautiful!

  10. "dream-scraped midnight sun" - wow! Lovely longing for Alaska. I am intrigued by your comment about how this poem happened...........

  11. Whoa... this desire runs deep and wide. Effective, evocative imagery, Rene.


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