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french toast


God, man
It's been a long time since I've had someone whistle in my kitchen
It's quite the delight made coffee
And you're making french toast!
You are a saint
You gotta fiddle with that knob on the left rear burner
Like this
It's a pain in the butt sometimes
Personally, I think it just likes the extra attention
Mmm...your ear smells like cinnamon
not fair, man, that...
not fair at all
your ass looks better in my sweatpants than mine does
I now have to kill myself
After I eat a loaf of french toast, though
You want some orange juice?
freshly squeezed...somewhere
Tell me, again
Why is it we never were?

Rene ~ January 5, 2013
For 100 Word Song
The song prompt was Dan Fogleberg's
Same Old Auld Lang Syne

This is my spin on the classic


  1. haha...he knows all the tricks doesnt he...french toast...mmmm....freshly squeezed the tags too...smiles.

    1. yessir, making french toast is something that should be in everyones playbook.

  2. Sounds like a PEACE-ful time!

  3. I love how light and airy this is. What a delicious spin.

  4. Perfect! I made this the other day and it was yummy! Great post as always!

  5. while is not mentioned, or even eluded to, there was peace, love and French toast made here...

  6. Oh I so love this. Especially his ass in your sweat pants, and killing yourself "after a loaf of French toast"....a gal after my own heart! DEFINITELY the french toast first!

  7. ...Your ear smells like cinnamon...ah, very intimate... yes, we make a fine surrender in such a calm, lovely moments like these...pass the toast...smiles...

  8. I believed it every line right until your disclosure! Only I wear my guy's sweat pants, I would kill myself if I caught him in my yoga pants ;)!! I would like to taste his ear with a little cinnamon though!

  9. Your knack for illuminating setting details and imparting attitude shines in this piece, Rene. Your readers were flies on the walls, taking in every aspect of this kitchen scene. Simply good writing.

  10. Ahhh - the vision of your perfect peace, a man making French toast in your kitchen (and your sweat-pants????). Who knows, maybe one day, maybe today???

  11. Love it! So casual, conversation like.

  12. Loved this Rene! You have a lightness in it that plays so well

  13. ha! Love it. Thanks for the grin.


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