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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

mo chuisle mo chroí

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this new awakening
has stirred up
my sensibilities

comfortable truths
like worn out shoes
can't support me now

i walk the line
between safe and
perfectly reckless

on the edge of
a sea glass mountain

waiting for
the push

or the

or the

as i stand
here still

in this borrowed
life and time

at the imagined cocktail
party talk

that would
undoubtedly ring
through the parlor

of my
i'll bet you

never thought
she go'an do
a thing like that

feckin' brave, her
taking the jump
knowin' the fall

good love'll do that
to a body
may we all fall so hard

Rene~October 23, 2012

For 100 Word Song
it is my new thing to take it to 111
Cuz I'm a punk like that

@writesidemama, aka “mama” has chosen this week’s  writing prompt song,
Falling To Pieces from Faith No More.
All about indecision.
I know from that.

This indecision's bugging me
La indecisión me molesta...


  1. well you used "feckin" so this has to classified as a successful 100.

    I like the imagery and use of barefoot...seaglass mountain

  2. comfortable truths
    like worn out shoes
    can't support me now...wicked line rene

    good love will mess you up like a sea glass mountain, thats for your voice in this...

  3. Yes, "may we all fall so hard". Love that.

  4. Irish: "My Pulse, My Heart". Had to look that up.

    Interesting you listening to your own funeral after you decide to jump off the edge -- doesn't sound too high if there are groans afterwards. And how it ruins your looks.

    Sounds like you want to jump -- but not sure if it will look ridiculous afterwards.

    Hmmmm, hard choice. I can feel your pulse and hear your heart.

  5. Imagining my funeral before the jump. Metaphorically speaking...

  6. oh gosh, i felt this in my bones. i think about this moment all the time, the moment of the jump. particularly love the analogy to "worn out shoes" and the details like the borrowed dress. just a lovely write here. x


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