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Sunday, July 15, 2012

widow in black

artwork by Jack Vettriano

he died in her arms
i was kissing the kids goodnight
she didn't deserve that honor

i don't deserve the shame
of the awful truth she hid
beneath my perfume

infidelity has a way
of entering the room silently
and then pulling the floor out

a tug here, a drag there
at first you think you're imagining things
then Gibraltar tumbles

beware those passing fancies
my dears
they just may be the death of you

Rene ~ July 2012

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  1. dang....from infidelity has a way on this is gut wrenching, real and powerful...def like playing with nitro and praying it does not blow...

    1. i know i been here...i just get excited to see you...smiles...happy OLN

  2. So true, one way or another.

    I liked this.


  3. ... 'infidelity has a way of entering the room silently and then pulling the floor out' ~ MY GOD, this is so honest.

  4. Having been on both sides of the lifequake, you captured this elegantly and swiftly and caustically. Excellent.

  5. The opening lines catch our attention immediately, and as for the stark warning at the end - it sent a shiver.

  6. I know more about that than any human should. Powerful phrasing that got it just right. Bravo!

  7. I like the tug and drag mirroring her cigarette...nice write Rene...a zinger...

  8. You say "Not the Rockefellers." Why not? It's Nelson's story...

  9. oh my Lord, you always kick ass.

    And HEY, I love the makeover. Where have I BEEN??? Sweet Cheezus.

  10. You always amaze me with your honest word wizardry Rene! Love this! :-)


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