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Thursday, July 26, 2012


night and day
head and shoulders
pressed to your door
waiting for the treasured
sweep of your step
a cough
a sweet tender word
whispered into?!?

it's just the silken petals
of midnight vespers
whisked away
to a benevolent deity
or maybe the wind
is to blame!

hush, hush
no matter, darling
slit the throat of that truth
there could not be
more deserving ear
than i

the one
who waits
ready to pounce
and devour whole
the sacred
and the secret flesh
you lavishly,
dangerously toss

you fuel me

i thank you,
day and night

Rene ~ July 2012
For 100 Word Song

This weeks song is #1 Crush by Garbage.

I've always thought it was a creepy song about fanatical love along the lines of Every Breath You Take by The Police and the superfreakingly skin crawling version of Night And Day by U2...

My poem is inspired by the buck wild, hella crazy segment of Korean pop fandom know as sasaeng.

Just go on and google them for some shocking, hell raising, over the top  behavior from a new breed of technologically saavy uberfan.

You kids and your twitter, and your GPS and your stalking...


  1. I can totally see the uber stalking aspect of that song. My impressions of it are a bit different, mainly because it's on the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack (the version with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio) so I see it as star crossed lovers :)

    Loved your poem. Poetry is such a fabulous method of expression. I'm jealous of those who can write it (I can't at all!!)

    visiting from 100 word song

  2. "Every Breath You Take," is definitely no love song. When I read the lyrics to this week's song, they too seemed to be obsessive, stalker-ish. You poem captured that frantic feeling very well.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic.
    toko baju muslim

  4. yikes rene, slit the throat of that truth.

  5. love the undercurrent of dark obsession of beautiful expressive words.

    this is really ambitious for 100 words.

    Leeroy is going to have to read this many times. well done

  6. Wow. This is really wow. I love that you went in a stalkerish direction. the song definitely goes that way too.

  7. This is genius. I love that you went all psycho-stalker, the song really played that way for me.
    And the poetry format is perfect.

  8. Creepy. Good. And yeah, "wow."

  9. That stuff IS hella crazy. CCTV, GPS stalking? Man, I thought our culture of celebrity was effed up.

    Nicely captured.


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