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Sunday, May 6, 2012


The River Irwell ~ R..A. D Stainforth

no one ever asked me why
not that i'd tell them
but you would think
along with all of the curiosity
there'd be a need for definitive answers
it's not everyday
you run into a woman
covered in mud

like it or not
there I am
in the coffee shop
at the crosswalk
in the last pew on the left
with you always
watching you all wonder
as you go along your way

where does the fault lie?
when did the dam break?
i'm reinvented by main street
every single day
some touch on the truth
some make me giggle into my soup
and my crackers

some give me money
which, while i am thankful,
i do not need
some talk with me
oh so politely
like all of this is perfectly normal
as i awkwardly avalanche
down the front of my coat

i give them the show
shuffling off singing
where oh where
does the fault lie?
only the river
the river knows why
only the river
your lover and i

Rene ~ May 2012 ~ The Mag


  1. every day i am remade on main that...and the little touches of those willing to stop and talk...whose fault, who knows...smiles.

  2. wonderfully written and something that i enjoyed reading as well.

  3. i love the rhyme at the end. it gives it such finality.

    you can bump into a mud lady if you go to a spa where they give mud treatment ;) LOL!!!

    the river

  4. I like the last part where hope sneaks in and lifts the piece.

    this was beautiful

  5. oh no covered in MUD! Nicely written! Lovely!

  6. This reads like a time-warp ghost story - repeated each day, ad infinitum...intriguing...

  7. I really love your closing lines here.

    Well done.


  8. I really like the reinvented by Main Street part...

  9. I found my toes keeping time as I read - it wasn't my fault, I know. :) A delightful read!

  10. This is so whimsical and fun to read....everyone politely pretending not to notice all the mud. Just like real life!

  11. i LOVED This one.

    But I always have had a place in my heart for mud.

  12. Thank you for this interesting story, full of unanswered questions...

  13. Your creative take never ceases to amaze me, Rene. Your lady, mud-covered, wandering along, is like so many I've met in so many cities; yet she is completely unique. A clever brilliance is brewing here.

  14. Riding a new bus now, now that I've moved, and a dirty woman sitting at the front, fiercely asleep, came to my mind while reading this.

    I love the inside of your head.


  15. What a perfect day to find this poem....the day that the Ganges is worshipped in India :))


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