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Sunday, March 25, 2012

looking glass

Image credit: Duane Michals
Magpie Tales

look at them
just look at them
oh that beautiful pair

the them, the they
the sum total of
a celestial equation

but who am i
now that i'm alone
by myself

i'm too afraid
to know but...
that i do

i am what i am
a victim
of a time jester's truth

a crone, a nobody
tossed overhead
smashed underfoot

superstition's deathbed bride
seven white candles
burning bright

a puff of breath
a ring of fire
a cracked mirror, mirror

crazed, silent
yet still
i am alive

Rene ~ March 2012


  1. ooh - how creepy-sad is this? I really like it and it's quite a different take on the prompt from any others I've read ...

  2. alive is a great thing to be...
    but this one feel melancholy for sure...

    superstition's deathbed bride

    is a great line and i really like that stanza...

  3. Enigmatic and sad...I really like "time jester"...

  4. They say time wounds all heels...
    Seriously though, the thoughts on ageing cut close to the bone for me. Well done Rene.

  5. i like superstitions deatbead bride the best


  6. Second stanza ~ stellar. Loved this!!

  7. a victim
    of a time jester's truth

    How true this is for all of us! :)

  8. Then vs me. We all feel that percieved seperation, don't we? It makes life so sad and seemingly hopeless.

  9. a process that involves a lot of wrinkles and scars....all part of the journey.

  10. Oh, it's good to be alive...nice work.

  11. I like this intense confrontation between " you" and the mirror. What are we really ?

  12. I think this is brilliant. You got to the essence of the image, most definitely.

    Love this stanza especially:
    i am what i am
    a victim
    of a time jester's truth

  13. ooooh, cool interpretation of the photo, kiddo.


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