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Saturday, January 28, 2012

seismic inactivity

I am an earthquake hot spot
a jenga nightmare
no room for that one delicate
last stir of a straw
I know
but I cannot find the fault

so I breathe
without exhaling
and I stretch
elbows turned inwards-always
and I wait
for it all to fall apart
or the joke to crack

Rene ~ January 2012


  1. had me with the first lines..

    I am an earthquake hot spot
    a jenga nightmare... what an awesome intro and then how you work out the sense of danger, the waiting for things to break apart.. really great work

  2. Oh, such clever word-play. Nicely done!

  3. "a jenga nightmare"

    Short, sweet, and filled with the best word play I've seen all day. Love it!

  4. Rene--this is me, Manicddaily, can't comment as me, so using an old defunct google blog.

    This is so clever--I can find no fault here. K.

  5. Too long since I paid you a visit, my dear. So glad I did.

    Faults that cannot be found are often the scariest ones. This piece has delicious tension.

  6. The poem and the picture match perfectly.

  7. oy vey...just one more thing...and knowing that is all that it will take...waiting on it...def some very nice play in your words rene...sorry was out of town so getting here a bit late...smiles. great choice of pic too it accentuate the feel of your words well...

  8. Interesting. It's not fun feeling like you can't control something, and the waiting, the anticipation of such things is so hard.


  9. Nice poem with a picture/poem connection that reallybworks well, as you correlate the gravity of human action/emotion with the defiance of gravity in the picture!

  10. Rene, I dont seem to have an email address for you. Would you please e me at ? Thanks, kiddo!


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