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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i know the face
but i've misplaced the name
along with my car keys
and that song that goes
la di da di da
you know the one
c'mon help me out here

hey, how about the time
we bought apples at the Acme
i couldn't get over how delicious
was it September?
i'm trying to remember
don't all the best apples happen
in September?

your father liked September
back to school with Robert Hall
new jackets
shoes and socks
and don't forget
pencil cases and book covers
what a damn racket

the cup goes in the cupboard
that's how i remember
neat trick, huh?
i like tricks
just like a kid
otherwise i'd go in circles all day
looking for corners

Rene ~ January 2012


  1. this is very cool...misplacing the name along with the car keys and that song that goes la di da di da...just great

  2. "The cup goes in the cupboard ..." Ooh, and those last two lines - WOW! So, basically, the whole last stanza - a gem.

  3. The last lines,"otherwise i'd go in circles all day
    looking for corners".

    This was very fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. haha go in circles looking for corners...i like a well turned trick make the words dance rene...

  5. la di da di da...Billion Dollar Babies? lol

  6. Thanks everyone. This poem is for Jen, who suffers from Alzheimer's. To be honest I think we suffer for her as she is at the point of her illness where she is utterly delighted by the smallest thing, like rye bread, a dollar bill or a stuffed animal. God bless her if that is so.

  7. Robert Hall ... now there's a name from WAY in my past ... I can still see the store front in my mind's eye. I remember how my mother could find delight in the simple things, like pie dough on her fingers, her favorite hymn, popcorn and Lawrence Welk. Beautifully written, Rene.

  8. You made back to school seem delightful...why did it suck so much when I was doing it?

  9. The tune is by Sting... remember him?

  10. Looks like the artist had the same trouble remembering what exactly he was painting! Loved your little lapses. :)

  11. You play a few neat (poetic) tricks yourself, I think. Excellent.

  12. I like your true-to-conversational tone, the "damn racket" particularly, the bittersweetness.

  13. aw, Rene. er, what did i mean to say here?

  14. Excellent write - thank you.

    Anna :o]

  15. are amazing! You can always give such a wonderful slant to a prompt! Pure brilliance!

  16. All the best apples come in this...

  17. I liked the different spin on this one, Rene. The last two lines, rock!

  18. Fun, hip, cool. An enjoyable read. Thanks! I love it! :)

  19. "La-di-da, etc." It's by Extreme. It's titled "More Than Words". At least that one is.

    Love you.

  20. I went back and read this again after seeing your comment about the lady with Alzheimers - what a very poignant and sweet glimpse of her stream of consciousness - you captured her so well, with heart.


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