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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kansas Can

hole in the sky
in need of patching
could i leap up
and hold it fast
with a mighty straw grasp

and a prayer
some questions and answers
like Ryan Reynolds abs
are truly not for and
of this earth

yet i jump higher
and still farther
lit by the fire of a love
that confidently
believes i can

Rene ~ July 2011

For Fred and Tessa 
and for Ryan Reynolds too
but mostly for Fred and Tessa


  1. keep jumping and believing...i need to find my abs...

  2. I like that sunflower.

    What? You want deep comments all the time? ;-)

  3. i loved that. And the sunflower is incredible.

    one of my favorite flowers.......

  4. Thanks everyone!
    This is just something fun I put together for some friends.

    And maybe Ryan Reynolds
    If he could put on a shirt for once...
    I mean...gosh!
    < said like Napoleon Dynamite >

  5. What a special little gift to chew on... beautiful.

  6. Rene: I think you put this together also for some friends you didn't know you were writing about! Loved it. The sunflower has been on my mind a lot lately :)


  7. everyone needs a love who believes they can.
    i thought it was Matthew McConoughey who always has his shirt off. and i don't know how to spell that.

  8. I love the little-engine-that-could feel of this!

  9. Ryan snagged a legit LOL outta me.

  10. oh, this is beautiful... i love the hole in the sky... you have a gift, friend. so glad to 'meet' you. e.

  11. Just catching up on your blog a bit. Just loved this one.


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