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the love bird glass

the milk so much sweeter
the truth so much easier
from the inside of
the love bird glass

fill it with joy
or pour out sorrows
hands in prayer surround
the love bird glass

listen to the rain
hit the roof like a heartbeat
quench a thirsty soul from
the love bird glass

Rene ~ May 2011
Revised January 2012
For d'Verse "Meet The Bar"


  1. ooohhh LOVE the love birds! love!!!

  2. A toast, my dear, to love, with the love bird glass:

    May it alight on your heart,
    and bring you spring
    when all the flowers grow.


  3. smiles. a nice glass that...we were just telling the boys the other day when the happy meal toy was a glass...

  4. hey, your link at OLN is busted...tell me which you wanted and i will fix it behind the scenes...

  5. bri is broken..tried to find mercury rising but didn't so... enjoyed this one...think i need such a love bird glass for grey days...smiles

  6. (Visiting from Poetry Pantry. ) Enjoyed both the picture and the poem. I think we all need these love bird glasses.

  7. So much sentiment from a glass. Nicely done.

  8. I adore the poem, and love the glasses too! Awesome.

  9. This is neat, using uncommon connection words, and love bird glasses.

    You are talented and clever.

    This was fun.

  10. Love the birds, love the words!

    Anna :o]

  11. I like how you wrote "love bird" and not "lovebird". It makes the word endearing and fresh.


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