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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spool of siloam

how do you 
see it, friend
are you with
me or am 
i with you ?

what is the
answer, brother
did you lose
a boot or 
did you find one?

how do you
paint the stripes on 
zebra, neighbor?
black on white 
or white on black?

it's all in 
how you see it, friend
i see, you see
i know, you know
what i mean

Rene Foran ~ April 2011


  1. It's how you see it Rene

    Are we friends?
    Are we not friends?

  2. Either way is ok. Love the way you see things...and write them down. Love the friend has one on her wrist. Works both ways!

  3. um yeah...i see it...

    and everyone knows you have to paint both on a zebra...they are born blaze orange...

  4. very interesting questions- reminds me of the book of i-ching when one man dreamt that he was a butterfly and then he asked- did i dream that i was the butterfly or that the butterfly dreamt that it was me.. nice one rene and i enjoyed calling your name haha!

  5. I did not know that Brian! But then again, I'm not everybody. I am somebody :)

  6. "Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
    Fled is that music-- Do I wake or sleep?"

    I keep you and Keats very close at all times.

  7. I wonder if a dip in the pool of Siloam offers perspective as well as sight; your spool of Siloam certainly brought insight.

    Beautiful, Rene.

  8. Am I in control of my brain or is my brain in control of me?

  9. again, a masterful use of language!

  10. Perspective is everything. Open perspective is priceless and wise and maybe the secret to a happy life.

    Love this piece. Thank you!




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