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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hey bobby frost

with the stars

you say you
would not come in
you're a little afraid
of the dark

are you not
with the land
without light

Orion says
get to it 
boy you got to
make it right

what about that
door of yours
the one without
a lock

what about that
path you took
the one without
a mark

you've got miles
and miles
to go dear
miles and miles

so don't fear
let the cat play the fiddle
for the secret
in the middle

hey, you
Bobby Frost
listen to my song
it won't be long now

before the sun breaks 
the wood wakes 
and shakes
the dark to dawn


  1. this has got an incredible rhythm to it...can hear it beign sung for sure...

  2. oh rene i love this, i love the winkly nursery rhymes and classics throughout. aw.

    (and hey. i wanted to tell you about a yummy prompt, here it is, check it out:

    also i love the most recent incarnation of your home page. so pretty!

  3. Sonds like the wood sprites are calling...

  4. this is just delightful!
    it makes me feel kind of "bubbly" inside.

  5. Great take on the pic. I went with Frost too!

  6. I would love the hear that poem set to music. I am so ready for Spring!!!

  7. Woohoo!! Way to go, Rene!!
    Here's to fragrant dawns, to light springs and to all the good stuff!!!

    I love winters... but I sure loved your take on the Mag too!! Vivid and WOW!

  8. It sings with magic and mighty hopes. Really enjoyed this!

  9. Nice flow, songlike rhythms, singing of mystical mornings in the wood. Wonderfully written.

  10. Yes, there's quite a musical rhythm here, reminiscent of Bob Dylan or Tom Petty.
    You've got many miles to go on that beautiful path of yours!

  11. cannot go wrong with frost as an inspiration!

  12. This is so upbeat and totally charming. Love.

  13. Like it--a nice tip of the hat, or possibly a bit of a shake, to the past and a point of it's own, with a fine concluding stanza to sew it all up.

  14. I like this one- especially the ending.

  15. Great, striking language and images, sparse line breaks = truly original work.

  16. I can see where the comments about the beat, the rhythm, the "like a song" quality of your Magpie come from. I loved Robert Frost making an appearance...

  17. Wow Rene! This is wonderful ... I agree with Kristen, would make a wonderful song.

  18. Frost will always be one of my favorites.

    And I love how the last stanza echoes Psalm 108:2. The idea of the dawn awakening always makes me jump.

  19. That was utterly fantastic!!



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