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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

street wisdom

Beacon Hill, Boston 2010
photo by Rene
she wanders
through life
with her shoelaces
dragging behind her

leaving a trail
of where she's been,
what she's done
unaware of the mark
she's making

busily silent
she blazes onward
toward invisible necessity
a mystery that never
leaves her alone

her inner world
meets outer world
and spin into infinity
she reels
but steadies herself

she is small but
not anonymous
she weaves her webs
around the rest of us

and every step she takes
is on sacred ground



  1. Your words remind me so much of my daughter. Her favorite mantra is, "I may be small, but I can do big things."

    I'm printing this to give to her- you've reached through time and space to share words that will light her path brilliantly.

  2. nice. i am glad she found her way through it at all and learned to take that time...smiles.

  3. That's so neat, about Ti's daughter! :-)

    I loved the poem, too..."unaware of the mark she's making" that line because so many people I love are like that. They don't know what an effect they have.

    And thanks, Rene, for the nomination at One Stop! That really had me smiling. I love your blog, too!!!

  4. A stunning encapsulation of potential observed from the outside: the subject is not aware of the observer, or the power they have, and that is a wonderful thing.

    Das is gut, Frau Foran, sehr gut...

  5. Hhhhhhh! You wrote a poem about ME! When I was a kid, I was molested, so today I always coddle my inner 3-year-old. She sounds a lot like the girl you wrote about.

    My inner 3-year-old is spinning and clapping.

  6. This is divine.
    keep shining...

    your poetry is always full of warmth and wit.


  7. Oh Rene, this is stunning - absolutely the best of the best Pause poems I've read so far. Images I loved: (after the shoelaces) "unaware of the mark she's making" and "every step she takes is on sacred ground"

  8. The tone here is so sure, but not arrogant.It's almost feral, but still human. This is excellent.

    What's So Damn Funny?

  9. There's a lot of wisdom in this. I like this in so many ways.

  10. Rene... thank you so much...
    I had to come back to this, I'm so sloooowww!

    Your writing is always from the heart and full of passion and vision.
    Its soft and its hard (in a nice way!)

    This tale of a girl/woman shows your heart.
    Thank you!

  11. Love the verse- especially the lines:"her inner world
    meets outer world
    and spin into infinity"...lovely!

  12. This is a very beautiful poem indeed...

  13. the weaving of her web....nice way to catch wisdom on the street...thank you...bkm

  14. Beautiful words for beautiful thoughts!

  15. Thank you for visiting The Friday Forgotten and linking your post. Your imagination and creativity should never lie dusty in a dark corner of your blog. We are happy to help clear away the cobwebs.

    I love the strength of the person in this poem. Street wisdom is the perfect title. Her independence is something to be admired. Well written indeed


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