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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guarding Tess

Former First Lady ~ Rene 2010

This photo was taken at the former Bayley~Ellard High School in Madison, NJ.
No longer a school, the landmark Georgian style mansion is currently being renovated to be used as a retreat house and spiritual center.

Though she has fallen into disrepair, hints of her former glory shine through the layers of dust and crumbled plaster.

 Two folding chairs stand guard at her main staircase.
Because I have this quirky habit of attaching human characteristics to inanimate objects...
I felt the folding chairs may have accepted their new assignment with great reluctance, but had no choice in the matter. So now they stand guard, mightily cheezed off about  their "less than" duty, deeply sighing every now and again about not being used properly for the purpose that they were intended.
I was reminded of Nicholas Cage's role in the movie
Guarding Tess.

"C'mon, we're chairs! We are supposed to attend functions and galas, seat local dignitaries;
not to keep snoops from poking around the pantry!"

Sometimes, though, you never realize your true potential until you lose yourself in the service of others.

Peace ~ Rene


  1. You final sentence is my life. I'd post a link to my girlfriend Tessa's website, but her domain name quit working. She's raising hell with blogger as I write this. She has an amazing life. I'll fill you in as soon as her domain is back up. She's the TessaLeFae who comments on my blog.

    The Fred Effect

  2. Rene, That was beautiful. Although I never attended Bayley, my sister did so I feel I know it in some way.
    The chairs make it. You gave them a life. Great work.

  3. What a beautiful place! Gotta love chairs with some spunk in 'em. They're probably the kind that pinch your bottom when you sit on them too...


  4. Tessa's domain is back up. She doesn't post often, but I'm encouraging her. I think she will get more into it soon. We've got plenty video and audio of her to last a while.

    Tessa Le Fae

  5. that last line...speaks volumes....

  6. I hope the chairs will be grateful that they get to stand guard, rather than be sat upon and disrespected. Plus, its a nice staircase.

  7. I think the chairs are taking their job seriously...
    So, when do we all go on retreat? :-)

  8. You probably think ants have feelings and grasshoppers are frivolous. I see two chairs, excitedly guarding those stairs, ready to topple on anyone who dares to take that first step.

    Oh, wait, the one of the right has fallen asleep. Lazy bastard. His LaZBoy dad is going to give it to him good when he gets home tonight.


  9. justsomethoughts: why do I think at least a dozen or so people wanted to post that but chickened out?

    Bravo, I applaud your candor :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  10. Hey Rene, how are you? Everything looks so good here, a new design since last I visited. Yep, I took a break from blogging and am kin dof back I think.

    I am thinking these chairs are not feeling so comfortable as they are not a match for that staircase are they. Such a beautiful building by the looks. I bet the staircase could tell some stories.

  11. the things you see!
    the way you write!
    you bring things (like words) to life!

    nice going, Rene.

  12. Rene, love this post! Your poems are awesome as well. I 'bout had to go attack Fred after reading "No Banana, No Cry." Thanks for sharing your talent.

  13. I love the idea of chairs reluctantly performing a service that goes again their "hostess with the mostess" services.

    I have a thing with objects too. Especially ones with faces - like most toys. Which makes me think that Toy Story 3 might be a hard one for me to watch.

    Also - I feel guilty about now much I dislike and give poor placement to the uglier Christmas ornaments.

  14. Yes, and I'd say that last sentence summs up being a responsible parent pretty well too, don't you think? :)


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